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APB Canada commitment to superior work and outstanding quality control in every contract of maintenance on the line or heavy checks. We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of quality with service, so you’ll always chose APB Canada for your aircraft maintenance needs.


Maintenance Manager

Transport Canada Recreational Pilot with Medical Category 3 and a certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M2, with factory maintenance type training courses on the Challenger 600/601, CRJ 100/200 Challenger 850 (CF34) Engine Type, the Dash 8 100/200/300 Series, Dash 8 Q400 Next Generation, ATR 42 300-500 and ATR 72.


APB Canada has a dedicated division for any application

With over 25 years’ experience both civilian as a Pre-Flight Quality Control Inspector with Bombardier and as an Aviation Technician with the Canadian Air Force. This has given a well-rounded experience in all aspects of aircrafts including instructing at CFSATE.